Project 317

Project 317, is a project targeting individuals living in hot spot zones and identified by criminal justice stakeholders for being affiliated, associated, or involved with violence in Indianapolis. Working with the community, the city, community corrections, and federal and state courts, 1 Like Me will carry a caseload of 20 people known by the community and law enforcement as actively engaged in violence. The project will offer a mix of lived-experience mentoring, job readiness, and social services. The organization can saturate the cohort with badly needed services all in one place. The project design employs a three-pronged approach.

First, lived experience mentoring offers enrolled participants a prosocial support system.  The Connect, a successful person with prior experience with the justice system, provides guidance, counsel, and assistance in securing critical resources. Currently, 1 Like Me provides peer mentoring to justice-involved adults reentering the Indianapolis community from prison and jail.  This project allows the organization to focus strictly on those associated with violence, regardless of their involvement in the justice system.

Second, the project builds internal capacity within the participant by providing job readiness skills. RAP3 (Resume, Application, Presentation, Probation, and Permanent Hire), 1 Like Me’s version of job readiness.  The program equips enrolled participants with a resume, interview skills, electronic application assistance, and job placement.  Unlike the current mentoring program, RAP3 is a
required curriculum. If participants wish to explore educational or vocational opportunities, 1 Like Me will also assist with that.

Finally, 1 Like Me provides wraparound services. Through its Hope Hustler Outreach program, enrolled participants receive driver’s license assistance. With the Connect, the participant receives additional support including housing assistance (with searches, the application process, and financial assistance), financial literacy (the creation of a budget, bank account accessibility), and wellness health (physical, mental, and substance use).

Services Provided


  • Direct resource connection
  • 1 on 1 Support
  • Life Skills work shops
    • Budgeting
    • Understanding Credit
    • Goal Setting
    • Understanding Banking
    • Time Management

Job Readiness

  •  Resume Building
  • Job Search
  • Interview Tips
  • Electronic Application Assistance

Civil Legal Barrier

  • Driver’s license Assistance
  • Child Support holds
  • Expungements

Barrier Buster Support

  • Assistance with utilities
  • Rental Assistance
  • Work related needs (Uniforms, Shoes, Tools)
  • Bus Passes

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