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Peer Mentoring

We employ an evidence-based peer mentoring model


Employment Readiness Program


Second Chance Reentry Assistance Program

Thomas Ridley’s 1 Like Me offers a variety services that are customized to the needs of formerly incarcerated people.  We offer a peer mentoring program headed by the founder, Thomas Ridley, himself and staffed by mentors with lived experience.  1 Like Me also offers computer literacy classes and budgeting workshops.  In collaboration with SCRAP and local pro bono attorneys, 1 Like Me provides reentry outreach services to provide assistance with securing a valid driver’s license, child support issues, and expungement screening.  Reentry outreach also offers help with applying for jobs online as well acquiring health insurance and public benefits.  Finally, 1 Like Me offers  job readiness through its RAP3 program.  This program takes individuals through the stair-step process of finding, securing, and maintaining employment. 

Providing Opportunity and Building Community!

Mr. Mays & RAP3

Mr. Mays was making $10 per hour with his transitional employer.  Mr. Mays participated in RAP3 at the RecycleForce location learning resume drafting and interview skills.  He was interviewed for a position that paid $16 per hour to start.  Mr. Mays secured the position and is now working towards his goal: electrical engineering!

Listen to his experience with RAP3:


SCRAP Services

SCRAP will help you navigate through the web obstacles that you are likely to confront upon release!



Mentoring at the Grassroots

Thomas Ridley and his team provide mentoring by meeting people where they are.  In doing so, the program creates a prosocial network that offers positive reinforcement and creates opportunity. 


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