Employment Readiness Program – RAP3

Thomas Ridley’s 1 Like Me provides job readiness to ensure that participants are equipped with the skills necessary to secure gainful employment.  In doing so, 1 Like Me created the RAP3 curriculum (Resume, Application, Presentation, Probation, and Permanent Hire) to cover the steps involved in the job seeking process.  RAP3 employs evidence-based methods and best practices such as prosocial modeling, collaborative problem-solving, incremental skill-building and the establishment of trust with an infusion of hope.  The curriculum materials include handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and application sessions.  Below is an overview of the RAP3 program.



Job Applications

Presentation & Interview



·  Drafting a Resume

       o   Education

       o   Employment History

       o   Skills·     

·  References 


Presentation & Interview

·      Presentation (hygiene, attire, smoking, punctuality)

·      Interview Skills

·      Addressing/Neutralizing Criminal History

·      Mock Interviews



Permanent HIRE

·      Employer Expectations

·      Additional Background Checks

·      Benefits

·      Sick Time, Vacation Time, Over Time


·      Employment Opportunity Databases (i.e. Indeed)

·      Applying Online

·      Temporary Employment/Staffing Agencies




Probationary Period

·      Employer Expectations

·      Background Checks

·      Waiting Periods

·      Helpful Hints